To Kill a Time Traveller – Review

Have you ever had this question posed to you: “If you could go back in time, to kill Hitler before his rise to power, would you?” Imagine all the lives you could save, the millions who died in concentration camps, on the beaches of Normandy, the innocents at Hiroshima; ended with a bullet.

Now, ask yourself this: “What if you had to go back in time to save Hitler?” How does that grab you? Well, it’s the question Indie Author, Adam Moon poses in his latest work, To Kill a Time Traveller.

The Basics:

Written in the form of a journal, TKaTK is told from the point of view of Jack Mayberry, an ex-soldier turned school teacher, living in a world where Adolf Hitler was killed before he won the 1933 election in Germany. You’d think it would be a grand world, where peace has been reigning since the end of World War I, but you’d be wrong. According to the history of the fiction the author gives us, without Ol’ Adolf, a worse monster was elected to power. His name is Thalmann, and he went ahead with World War II – and thanks to his Communist leanings, ended  up teaming with Stalin to form what would have been the greatest tag-team since the Megapowers!

So, what happened to Adolf in this alternate reality? A time traveller of course. But this is where things start to get interesting, when a time machine is discovered along with a handy-dandy time travel Manuel. From the manual it’s discovered that somewhere, in another time-stream, time travel has been invented and used to jump into past of bordering realities. It’s a safety precaution, so when a “time tourist” goes back to murder someone from history, their own reality does not suffer the consequences. And too bad for Jack, but it looks like his was used and abused, and with a thousand nukes pointed at the United States, he’s about to go on a desperate trip to the past. Continue reading

Interview with Indie Author Moira Katson

Moira Katson, is the author of the Light & Shadow Trilogy, which I discovered the first day I used my Kobo Reader. She was kind enough to offer Shadowborn, the first installment for free – and being the cheap bugger I am – I grabbed a copy, starting reading and couldn’t put it down.

Moira has also published another epic fantasy novel, Mahalia, and Shadow’s Reach, set in the Light & Shadow universe.

I’ve asked her here today to let me pick at her brain, and see what we can find.


How long have you considered yourself a Writer? Oh, wow. Hmmm. I’ve been working on stories I have in the pipeline now for about 10 years, but I don’t think I would have considered myself a writer until 2012 at the earliest, when I released my first book. Even after that, it took a while before I would introduce myself as a writer.

What Author(s) or Works first inspired you to write? Who inspires you now? Now, I would say that Guy Gavriel Kay is a huge inspiration: every time I pick up one of his books I get about a half paragraph in, slump onto my desk, and moan, “Oh, no, reading this shows me that I’m horrible at writing.” His books are so beautifully crafted, and a joy to read (as soon as I get past my despair)! As for beginning to write, I can’t remember a particular story that inspired me, but I do remember my mother reading A Wrinkle in Time aloud to me, and I loved all of L’Engle’s work.

Do you ever put yourself into your own stories, and if so where (in the background or the forefront)? This is a fascinating question, and one I had (oddly) never thought about. It’s a mix of “always” and “never.” I’ve never written a character that started out as me, per se—sometimes they’re more courageous, or more or less able to tolerate moral flux… On the other hand, as I write, each character gets under my skin and in the end, after writing them, I’m not the same person I was to start with.

Where did Light & Shadow come from? I wanted to explore the trope of a young woman forced into the role of a political pawn, but from the point of view of someone who was essentially invisible. I was hoping to show, and I hope I did, that both of these woman started as invisible in their separate ways: Catwin was unseen entirely, and Miriel was seen but not thought of as a person in her own right, only regarded as a vessel for her uncle’s ambitions.

What would you say lies at the core of your overall inspiration, your drive to write? As a story comes into focus in my head, it becomes very real and very true to me, and I feel a need to bear witness to it. It’s difficult to say this because it sounds illogical and somewhat “out there.” On the other hand, I have heard some other authors, artists, and musicians describe the phenomenon: it’s like the work of art has come to you and you’re its only means of coming into the world. It beats at the corners of your brain until you let it out, and then you can rest.

Imagine if you will your fiction as a person. Describe them. I imagine it’s a lot like Patrick Stewart – mostly serious with flashes of humor, and very nerdy.

Describe a typical writing session for you? Somewhat self-combative. You have to devote a lot of time to writing because of all the time you spend sitting at your notebook or computer, only a fraction of it will be writing, and only a fraction of that will be good writing. So I sit, and try to make myself write, and try to keep myself from doing things like checking my email—and sometimes it feels like every word is being dragged out of me kicking and screaming, but if I’m very lucky, then I will catch onto a stream of inspiration and type and type and type!

What are you planning to follow up Shadow’s Reach with? Right now I am working on two things, a Science Fiction series called Novum, and a co-writing project about an alternate history involving Joan of Arc. I had not planned on returning to the Light & Shadow universe, but I am now fairly sure that I will do so—Catwin and Miriel have a lot of life ahead of them!

Continue reading


Fromwaste Well, it had to happen eventually. Introducing my jaunt into self-publishing, From Waste to Waste. An anthology of short stories, all speculative fiction, and all dealing with the theme of Waste.

I could go, but instead I’ll just toss up the link my Smashwords page where you can download it for free. That’s right, free!

Get it herespread the word by passing it along to friends and family, or writing your own review.

Soon to come to other major retailers. Cover design by emikidnap, check out her deviantart page.

Thanks all,


What’s Up Wednesday – There’s a lot of White out there!

What’s Up Wednesday, is the weekly writerly blogfest where we share what we’re reading, writing, and other miscellania that you may or may not find interesting. Join us!

What I’m Reading

Last week I found all seven John Carter novels for a buck! Now, I’ve not seen the movie, though it’s sitting on a shelf in the living room, but after watching the Road and then reading the novel, I wanted to go the other way with this one. So far it’s been a neat read. The storytelling is very much telling, but that’s all right, because it reads like a madman’s memoir.

What I’m Writing

I’m into chapter three of the second draft of Ain’t No Redemption. I’m so glad I decided on a  complete rewrite, as after recognizing the plot and tweaking a few characters I think I’m on track to tell a much more engaging story. I’ve actually posted the first chapter on my site here, so please check it out Here and leaves any comments, good, bad or ugly.

What Inspires Me at the Moment

Classic Rock, specifically Blue Oyster Cult. Been listening to some of my favourite’s by them including, but not limited to, Veteran of the Physic Wars and Black Blade (both songs have the distinction of having acclaimed sci-fi/fantasy author Michael Moorcock pen the lyrics) as well as Before the Kiss, a Redcap, and Stairway to the Stars. If you like rock and good storytelling music, check ’em out.

What Else I’ve Been Up To.

Binge Watch of Farscape. Part way through Season 4. God, I’m just addicted to that show now!

Other than all that, things and things around the McCarthy home. Lots of writing, and being clumsily cute for the entertainment of my wife. She wasn’t feeling to well last night, until I stood up from the couch, tripped on the plate I left on the floor for the kittens to scavenge and – having loosened my belt – dropped my pants all in the same motion. At least I can make that woman laugh. LOL.

Godspeed, Fair Wizards!


Ain’t No Redemption – Chapter One

Disclaimer: what follows represents Draft Two of the novel, and is of course subject to change before the final manuscript is ready to publish. With these post I hope to encourage feedback, and garner a bit of attention to this work. So, comment and share please.

Ain’t No Redemption

Chapter One: Of Gunpowder Deeds

There are many ways to kill a man. A blade in the night, poison in his drink, or hands around his throat. For the unjust, who ride the wastes on malignant steeds, the question of death had many answers.

To those who sit on the thrones of justice, with scrutiny in their eyes and the word of the law upon their tongues, the answer was the hangman’s gallows or the headman’s block.

For he who stalks this Fragment, where the Deadman himself comes to play, the question of death has but one answer. But he is willing to repeat it six times.

-From, The Lay of the Gunfighter,

Thibian Crass, 3092 AFL



The Deadman’s Waste,

The Fragment of Tume,

3090 AFL

Smoke rose from the farmhouse across the gulch, pluming grey to mar the clear sky. He was too late to save them. Old story now. For six weeks he’d been too late. He’d missed the smoke, only finding smoldering ruins and corpses. At the first homestead he’d buried the bodies. But that only slowed him down, so he’d left the others where he’d found them to sniff out his quarry’s trail. His spyglass showed him horses hobbled near the porch; blurred movement through adobe window casings; a woman breaking from her home, rushing for the corral. His teeth gritted when two men burst into view, tackling her. He took the glass from his eye, not wanting to watch the inevitable. Continue reading

Ain’t No Redemption – Journal Entry

It’s been a while since I offered a proper update, here we go.

I finally started the re-write a few days ago. Finished up the first chapter of draft two and am about halfway through chapter two. It’s funny, because when I started outlining this novel back in October, I had visions of publishing it early this year. But the more I wrote, the more I realized how much more work needs to be done before this novel is ready for the public. And yet I’m not dissuaded, rather, I’ve been getting excited to go back and re-work the story.

During the first draft I ended adding some characters and subplots which, while I knew they would help tell a better and more thorough  story, needed to be realigned. I didn’t realize it at the time of writing, but I understand now why so many writers talk about getting some space between drafts. While my manuscript sat and I worked away at some other writing my subconscious was apparently at work searching for ways to teak, fix and restructure the narrative.

So far this is the furthest I’ve ever reached writing a novel. I wrote a draft for another a little more than a years ago, but never went back to it. Not to mention the large collection of half finished (often half cooked) drafts of other novels floating around my hard drive. Before I found the idea of that much work daunting. Now, I’ve been practically giddy with anticipation to write this second draft. I suppose it all comes down to that finished product.

I’ve said before that it’s not when I publish, but what I publish. Recently I’ve been peeking at a few novels from other indie writers. Some have been good, but I find most feel rushed or incomplete. As if the stories have much more to say yet the author never took the time to say it. I don’t want to be that guy who publishes something for the sake of getting published. Yes, the idea of seeing a novel out there with my name on it is like a siren’s call and all that. But publication is easy. A good story is not.

Anyway, the only other news I have is that thanks to the wonderful Mariachristina Romano , Ain’t No Redemption has a cover! I’ll reveal some time in the future. For now I’ll just say Mia did a great job and for a (too) reasonable price!

At any rate, I’m off to the day job!

Godspeed, fair wizards!


What’s Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly, writerly blogfest, where we share what the hell’s been going on this week. Join us…


What I’m Reading

After finishing Shadowborn, I downloaded a few free indie books, but soon discovered that I had a hankering for something a little more classic. So, I hit the kobo store and, much to my delight, found a whole slue of Philip K. Dick novels. Now, I’ve only ever read one of his book before, that being Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which instantly became one of my favourites (and not just because of the ridiculously awesome title!). Of all his works (many of which, if you haven’t read them, you’ve no doubt seen them in film – Total Recall, Blade Runner, Minority Report) I’ve heard about one novel in particular that even his critics have to admit was genius. That book is The Man in the High Castle, which is what I’m reading  at the moment. A quick rundown: it’s 1962, San Francisco, in a world were the Second World War was won by the Axis. The Pacific States are under control of the Japanese, while the South is held by the Reich. I’m only on chapter four, but I have to say I love the writing so far. Nothing about it seems mundane, even when the scenes in question are pretty much that. He offers us up  a strange, alternate world, by casually taking us through the lives of several folk to whom this is all day to day.

What I’m Writing

While Ain’t No Redemption, Draft One, sits and my subconscious works away at solutions for a few problems, I’ve been writing a novella. Entitled, A Tyranny of Dragons, it follows a much younger Bates (the MC from AnR) as he tries to clear his brother’s name for murder, and uncovers a conspiracy against the order of Law men that he works for. So far, it’s been a blast to write. Not only do I have the opportunity to explore Bates’ background, and the strained and often antagonistic relationship between him and his half-brothers, but it gives me the chance to present a younger, less resigned Bates to the world. The plan is to release this before Ain’t No Redemption, probably as a free (or dirt cheap) download, in hopes of catching some attention and garnering some buzz. Continue reading

Musing on Brooding

I’d like to start this entry with a confession: I am a moody guy. Not one of those ‘fly off the handle’ types, who find any arbitrary reason to spout obscenities and yell, scream, or curse out my frustrations. I tend to go in the other direction, which is to say, I brood. If I get thrown one of life’s curve-balls or make a mistake I’ll get quiet and insular and turn over the issue in my head over and over, sometimes until it’s barely recognizable. But here’s the thing: I like brooding.

Let me try to explain. Continue reading

Ain’t No Redemption, Journal Entry Ten – Over the Peak

Today, at about 10:45 a.m., I finished the climax of the book, and I almost don’t know how to feel. I’m happy, proud even of how it went, and excited that I have a couple of chapters left to write to wrap everything up. And yet, I don’t know, but somehow I feel a little lost; not because I don’t know what to write next – it’s pretty clear in my mind- but, I think, it comes from forcing myself to experience what the hero went through, and what he’d feeling now that the gun-smoke has cleared. I admit, even with the day won by our hero Bates, I’ve left him in an a less-than-enviousness position still. I suppose to say more would be to give too much away, but I think a part of it is my worry that it will seem anti-climactic. No matter, I’ll write up the ending, step away for a couple weeks, and then give it a good re-read; then I’ll be sure if is anti-climactic, and whether or not if it works for the story. My gut tells me that the climax, as is, works, but, as always, its that tricky brain  that keeps poking me with doubt.

Anyway, just a quick update – but I’ll leave you with this (NSFW): Oderus Urungus, GWAR frontman, reading Goodnight Moon (hilarious!) (Sorry, wouldn’t let me embed)