What’s Up Wednesday – There’s a lot of White out there!

What’s Up Wednesday, is the weekly writerly blogfest where we share what we’re reading, writing, and other miscellania that you may or may not find interesting. Join us!

What I’m Reading

Last week I found all seven John Carter novels for a buck! Now, I’ve not seen the movie, though it’s sitting on a shelf in the living room, but after watching the Road and then reading the novel, I wanted to go the other way with this one. So far it’s been a neat read. The storytelling is very much telling, but that’s all right, because it reads like a madman’s memoir.

What I’m Writing

I’m into chapter three of the second draft of Ain’t No Redemption. I’m so glad I decided on a  complete rewrite, as after recognizing the plot and tweaking a few characters I think I’m on track to tell a much more engaging story. I’ve actually posted the first chapter on my site here, so please check it out Here and leaves any comments, good, bad or ugly.

What Inspires Me at the Moment

Classic Rock, specifically Blue Oyster Cult. Been listening to some of my favourite’s by them including, but not limited to, Veteran of the Physic Wars and Black Blade (both songs have the distinction of having acclaimed sci-fi/fantasy author Michael Moorcock pen the lyrics) as well as Before the Kiss, a Redcap, and Stairway to the Stars. If you like rock and good storytelling music, check ’em out.

What Else I’ve Been Up To.

Binge Watch of Farscape. Part way through Season 4. God, I’m just addicted to that show now!

Other than all that, things and things around the McCarthy home. Lots of writing, and being clumsily cute for the entertainment of my wife. She wasn’t feeling to well last night, until I stood up from the couch, tripped on the plate I left on the floor for the kittens to scavenge and – having loosened my belt – dropped my pants all in the same motion. At least I can make that woman laugh. LOL.

Godspeed, Fair Wizards!


6 responses to “What’s Up Wednesday – There’s a lot of White out there!

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s Farscape that my husband is watching on Netflix now. That show has puppet aliens, right? We are both creative types, and he works best later at night with background noise. He has literally burned through all of the 2-star and up anime available on Netflix and most of the sci-fi series. I get more done with no TV on but we are doing different things so I get more easily distracted.

    As for the John Carter movie, it starts off promising, but at some point it sort of falls apart. I can’t really even say where or why, it just sort of meanders and too much is happening. To me it seems the case of a book that was difficult to adapt. When this was coming out I heard references to these books having been an inspiration to George Lucas with Star Wars. There was no evidence of a Jar Jar Binks in John Carter, thank God….


    • I don’t often like to work with much background noise. I like to write in the mornings, TV muted with just the window open so I can use the traffic as white noise.

      The first John Carter novel, The Princess of Mars, is an odd read for me so far. I think it’s due to the it being written in an older style. At times its almost ludicrously stilted, yet at times in a charming way. Also, it took like eight chapters before there was any dialogue. LOL. It was published in 1917, and before this the oldest fiction I’ve read was old Rebert E. Howard stories from the 20’s-30’s, which are closer to the modern style. But I’m liking JC all the same. The concepts are so out of date that it reads more like a fantasy novel than science fiction.


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