What’s Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly, writerly blogfest, where we share what the hell’s been going on this week. Join us…


What I’m Reading

After finishing Shadowborn, I downloaded a few free indie books, but soon discovered that I had a hankering for something a little more classic. So, I hit the kobo store and, much to my delight, found a whole slue of Philip K. Dick novels. Now, I’ve only ever read one of his book before, that being Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which instantly became one of my favourites (and not just because of the ridiculously awesome title!). Of all his works (many of which, if you haven’t read them, you’ve no doubt seen them in film – Total Recall, Blade Runner, Minority Report) I’ve heard about one novel in particular that even his critics have to admit was genius. That book is The Man in the High Castle, which is what I’m reading  at the moment. A quick rundown: it’s 1962, San Francisco, in a world were the Second World War was won by the Axis. The Pacific States are under control of the Japanese, while the South is held by the Reich. I’m only on chapter four, but I have to say I love the writing so far. Nothing about it seems mundane, even when the scenes in question are pretty much that. He offers us up  a strange, alternate world, by casually taking us through the lives of several folk to whom this is all day to day.

What I’m Writing

While Ain’t No Redemption, Draft One, sits and my subconscious works away at solutions for a few problems, I’ve been writing a novella. Entitled, A Tyranny of Dragons, it follows a much younger Bates (the MC from AnR) as he tries to clear his brother’s name for murder, and uncovers a conspiracy against the order of Law men that he works for. So far, it’s been a blast to write. Not only do I have the opportunity to explore Bates’ background, and the strained and often antagonistic relationship between him and his half-brothers, but it gives me the chance to present a younger, less resigned Bates to the world. The plan is to release this before Ain’t No Redemption, probably as a free (or dirt cheap) download, in hopes of catching some attention and garnering some buzz.

What’s Inspiring Me

Daniel Bryan! I know, I should pick a fellow writer, or something along those lines, but today I can’t. You see, Daniel Bryan is a professional wrestler. Back in 2010, he was picked up by the WWE (that is, the big boys on the block), and for the most part, seemed as if he would remain a midcard act for the promotion. He’s too small. He’s not charismatic enough. He’s too indy for the big times. These were the arguments made. Well, it only took about a year for the guy to catch fire.

Now, the fiction of his story, in recent months has been this: he managed to get a shot at the WWE Championship, against the Hulk Hogan of this era, John Cena. In what was a great bout at Summerslam, he even managed to pin the Champ clean, to everybody’s surprise. The celebration was cut short, when the ‘Authority’ (the brass in charge) betrayed him in favour of their hand picked Champ, Randy Orton.

So, for months, Daniel Bryan fought a losing war against the men and women who control the company. It was Bryan versus the Machine. Eventually, during all this chaos, he began a feud with the cult-like Wyatt Family (who resemble something out of a Rob Zombie movie, ala, House of a Thousand Corpses) and was eventually indoctrinated into their group. But, while this should have been the catalyst to make him a villain (or a Heel, in Wrestling talk), the WWE fans showed the brass that it didn’t matter which side of the good/bad line this guy was on. They just wouldn’t stop cheering him.

Well, this Monday, Bryan returned to his old form, turning on the Wyatt’s patriarch, Bray Wyatt. Below, I’ve posted a clip from the end of the show, because, the crowd reaction for him (again, a guy that experts swore would never get anywhere in the big times) is staggering. I’ve been watching wrestling a long time, and I’ve only seen a few wrestlers get a reaction like Bryan did on Monday. 

Seeing a guy like this, who never bemoaned his status, only used the nay-saying as motivation, standing on top of the game is, for me, truly inspiring. Hard work folks, that’s what gets you to the top!

What Else I’ve Been Up To

The X-Files re-watch got a little bogged down, but the Wife and I are finally in the middle of the controversial Season 7. So far, while it’s not nearly the best, I’m not hating it. I like Dogget, so far, but can already feel the wind letting out of the sails. Truth be told, Season Six is where I really started to see things drop off. But, whatever. I am determined to finish the entire series. I did however finally take my old friend’s advice, and checked out the first episode of Farscape on Netflix. If you’re reading this, Jim; I’m sorry that I didn’t check it out years ago. It’s next on the Binge Watch list.

Happy Wednesday!

4 responses to “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. I’d never even heard of Phillip K Dick, but I love all of those movies, and books are ALWAYS better than movies. I think my TBR list just got a little longer. Have a great week!


    • I can only speak for Blade Runner (Original Title: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep), in regards to reading the book, but I recommend it. In the novel there’s this whole new religion which revolves around Virtual Reality (kind of amazing, considering he wrote it in the 60’s). They left it out of Blade Runner, because, well, you can only have so much in the movie, I guess. PKD was brilliant, and equally insane! Thanks for the comment!


  2. It’s been ages since I read some Philip K Dick. I should correct that oversight immediately 😛

    Yeah, season 7 wasn’t *awful* and I don’t mind Dogget… it’s Reyes who ruined The X-Files for me. I’ll never forgive that character!


    • I’m glad I could put the PKD bug back in your ear. I’m loving Man in the High Castle, at the moment.

      Having never really watched Season 8 or 9, I had to look up who Reyes was…nothing I’ve read about her leaves me with much hope LOL.


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