What’s Up Wednesday: Return of the Marsh!

What’s Up Wednesday, the weekly, writerly blogfest-y! Join us…


What I’m Reading

Well, I finished Stonewielder, which, as any and all books set in the world of Malaz, it left with laughs, tears, and a sense that I just caught a glimpse of the greater picture at work. Great series. Currently, thanks to my wife’s new Kobo Touch she got for Christmas, I’m reading¬†Shadowborn,¬†by indie author, Moria Katson. It took a bit to get into it at first, but I’m about 70% of the way through it now and I find myself really engaged with it. It reads like a memoir, written by an assassin, which is what I think threw me off at first. I’m recommending it!

What I’m Writing

Well, with Ain’t No Redemption’s first draft done, and me work-shopping it over on Scribophile, I started work recently on a short novella. I read a post somewhere talking about the positives of getting a short story based on your novel published, and took some inspiration from that. So, I’m digging into my MC’s background and have a little mystery outlined, which I started the prose work for today. It mostly deals with his relationship with his two half-brothers, and building of trust between them, you know, while a cult works towards a secret, and dark agenda.

What Inspires Me

At the moment, the book I mentioned above as well as some of the writers that I’ve met over on Scribophile. It’s good to see great work out there by aspiring writers and from the indies, since I’ll be going the publishing route on my own.

What Else is Going On

On Sunday I cleaned my car, in one of those  automated temples, you know the ones. After all the snow and salt and muck, the old girl was looking spiffy and slick. On Monday morning, after dropping off my wife at work, I was making my home, still proud of my clean, clean car. Ahead a set of lights. Behind me, an asshole with no time to wait. To my right, the shoulder of the round, pitted and gouged, primed with litres of muddy, salty water. Needless to say, when Mr. Out-of-Time passed me on the shoulder, my clean car has now resorted to dressing dirty again.

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