What’s Up Wednesday

What’s up Wednesday is the weekly blogfest where writers share what their writing, reading, inspiration, and anything else to kill the white space on their sites. Join Us! 

What I’m Reading

Well, seeing as how I’ve been at the keyboard so much lately, compounded with the fact that I’m naturally a slow reader, I’m still reading Stonewielder. Things are picking in the story right now, with the first strike of a naval invasion, an army of fanatics marching on in a religious war, and the civil authority of one city being replaced by that of the Holy Cloister; there has been a lot to take in. My favourite character so far has been Assessor Bakune, who, being the only man of the Civil Justice System left behind in his city, has just found himself put in jail for the crime of seeking the truth. He’s got that, I’m too old this shit vibe, though its not heavy-handed, but instead implied through the passages detailing his story. Can’t wait to dig back into it!

What I’m Writing

Still working on finishing this first draft of Ain’t No Redemption. The last few days have proven, for lack of a better phrase, slushy. I found myself getting very close to the climax, but, after receiving  some feedback from my buddy Jesse on another novella that I wrote, I have been mindful not to rush into it. You see, the manuscript that I sent him (A year before he got back to me 😛 ), entitled, Trial of the Sorceress Queen, was building up to a major battle between the titular (am I the only one that giggled?) Queen facing off against the woman who stole her throne. As he said, the battle was too short after pages and pages of build. So, keeping that in mind, I’ve been taking my time bridging toward the climax of this story and, despite a few cursing fits, I’m happy that I’ve held back. I’ve been able to explore the personalities and back story of my characters a bit more, and have been able to (hopeful) set up the right atmosphere for the big showdown (it’s a Western, so the rules dictate that there must be a showdown, amiright?)

What Inspires Me

Christmas, of all things. I’m not crazy about the holiday season, never really have been, but I’m looking forward to seeing my family. There’s been some rough patches over the last few years for everybody, but right now, things are looking up. My mother just got a huge promotion (and in an industry that she was convinced for years that she could never succeed in), my sister is continuing to prove to her bosses that soon enough she’ll be running the show at Blue Mountain, and my Grandmother, well, for a woman who suffered a heart-attack not too long ago, she’s back to her old bubbly form and excited about her new job (working along side my sister,  which should be interesting, since my sister is part of the management team!)

What Else I’m Doing

Write->Work->X-Files->Repeat. Between my day job and the novel, I’ve taken a ‘no-days-off’ attitude, so I haven’t really had much time to do anything overly exciting. Sometime during the  week of new years I’ll be going out to see my good friend Jim, which means that many a bottle shall be polished off. I’m not much of a drinker (any more) but, I think we all have that one friend that can pretty much convince us to do something nice and stupid every once in a while. Jim is that friend, and gods bless him for that; folk like him are real salt of the earth people.

Anyway folks, I’ve got about ten minutes to get ready for that day job, so I’ll leave you with this little gem: Metallica covering Nick Cave’s Loverman (one of my favs!)


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