Ain’t No Redemption, Journal Entry Eight – NaNo Day 15

25,568 words!

I was only able to get 871 in today, before I have to get ready for work, but that’s alright, because I just officially squeaked past the halfway point – and halfway through the month no less!

I will tell you that I had a bit of a panic yesterday. I mentioned in my last post that I’ve diverged from my outline a bit. Well, as I was watching old episodes of the X-Files with the Wife (Both of which are awesome!) I realized that my little detour would make the whole project messy and disjointed. It was all going to be terrible, make no sense, and would be my grand embarrassment!

Well, I don’t know if was the simple fact that I was away from it, or if I drew inspiration from one of my childhood heroes (Agent Moulder), but the answer came to me last night on the couch. Overall, what I realized was that, in order to make this whole story flow, I needed to make it a touch bigger. No, I’m not turning my 60k word novel into a 200k tome, but, a few added scenes and an extra chapter will do just fine.

Anyway folks, I’m off to Rat Race.


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