Ain’t No Redemption, Journal Entry One – Introduction and NaNoWriMo

Last year, on or around the 25th of November, I discovered National Novel Writing Month, from a Facebook status. Curious, I took a peek and discovered this phenomenon know to many as NaNoWriMo (which, admittedly, is pretty fun to say).  For those who don’t know, from November 1st, through to the 31st, participants are challenged to write 50,000 words in 30 days. I missed the cut last year, but 2013 will see me entering and fighting through the days and nights, hammering at my keyboard.

So, what is Ain’t No Redemption, anyway? Well folks, that is the novel that I’ve been outlining for the past three months, and will be entering for NaNoWriMo.  It is the story of a pair of Gunfighters, partners in crime, who find their friendship torn asunder by the feuding of two Immortals on the cusp of Godhood. If follows Bates, an exiled man of justice, who has found himself in a land where Law and Order have little to do with survival. But, somewhere in his ever blackening heart, a spark can be found – and it may lead him to redemption.

This brings us to the purpose of this journal, which is threefold.

1) ‘To Keep Me Honest’: I’m not just committing myself to this novel – or to NaNo – but to you, that is, anyone who has any interest in reading it. It’s easy (for me) to get lazy when no one is looking. Writing this with the world watching (both of you) can only add to my motivation.

2) ‘To Self-Promote’: Since the plan is to self-publish, self-promoting just seems to go hand in hand (unless some kindly reader out there really wants to bankroll a marketing campaign? No? No one at all? Huh). Apologies to my friends on Facebook – you’re going to see a lot of hand-waving and hear a lot ‘look at me’ shouting.

3) ‘To Open a Dialogue’: With anyone that feels like offering feedback. I’ll be publishing this novel over through, where authors are encourage to ‘Publish as you write’, garner buzz and encourage reader feedback, before taking their work to the next level. I should also mention that I am pledging to donate 50% of any proceeds made on Leanpub, to NaNoWriMo, so those folks can keep motivating the 400,000 or so writers who participate every year.

In the weeks to come watch out for more journal updates, which from time to time may include frustrated rants, anecdotal insights, and who knows, a free short story or two.

Be well, be strong, and be awesome


2 responses to “Ain’t No Redemption, Journal Entry One – Introduction and NaNoWriMo

  1. Marsh,

    Welcome to the insanity that is NaNo! It sounds like you have done your homework and have a game plan in place – that is the most important part. This will be my seventh year (or so) entering (I did not make an attempt during a couple of those years) and this will be my first year to victory.

    I am greatly encouraged and impressed by your outlook towards NaNo, your efforts to publish as you go, and, most importantly, your donation of proceeds back to the cause.

    I am wordrew in the forums there, so buddy me if you want. I love the fact that others blog about their NaNo intentions as a method of accountability – I will stay tuned in.



    • Thank you for the comment! And yes, we can be NaNo Buddies.

      I will admit that I was a little nervous about taking this path (instead of say, locking myself up and away from the world like a hermit) but I’ve always been a ‘cards on the table’ type.

      See you on the NaNo fourms!


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